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Management of Grants and Subsidies

Registrations and Opening Licenses

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Management of aid and subsidies

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Tax, Labor and Accounting Consultancy in Malaga

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At TORÉ we know the difficulties faced by an entrepreneur and we take care of making the process easier.

Registration of companies and freelancers

Focus on your activity, we guide you to complete the steps to be autonomous or create your company (Personal Income Tax, VAT, Taxes and Social Security Contributions). Total transparency and information at all times.


We help entrepreneurs obtain grants, controlling the deadlines and the required documentation. In the different administrations at local, provincial, regional, national and international level.

Opening license

We advise you on the necessary technical requirements, as well as the technical documentation to obtain your opening license, planning permits or responsible declaration. Procurement of supplies. Changes in Ownership.

Tax advice

Review of your current situation to save costs, tax planning, income, taxes, VAT, withholdings, income and expense books, companies, personal income tax, inheritance and donations, capital gains... We will keep you informed about all changes that occur.

Labor advice

Labor audits, labor and social security inspections, hiring, payroll, discharges, sick leave, accident, dismissal, settlements, sanctions, disabilities, retirement, benefits, safety and hygiene ...

Non-residents and individuals

Income statement, personal advice: I.R.P.F., Inheritance, gift and wealth tax, advice to non-residents, vehicle procedures, deeds, municipal capital gains, unemployment collection, retirements, economic benefits ...

Advice to Non-residents

Are you obliged to pay taxes as a Non-Resident?

The fact of owning a property is an obligatory reason to present an annual income statement for non-residents. If you have a leased property, you must make quarterly statements.

Sale of real estate

Within 3 months they are obliged to file their declaration, regardless of whether it is a fee to be paid or they return the amount withheld in the sale.

Corporate tax

Spanish women with wealth whose partners and administrators are non-residents.

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